The Summer Concert

It was the Summer concert afternoon
And we all tried hard to play in tune.
We plucked and bowed and banged and blew
And received our very first review!

Despite England’s failure at the ‘beautiful game’
We played ‘We are the Champions’ just the same
Along with Beethoven’s First, and Fiesta Tropicale
And a brilliant Capriccio Espagnol!

Our Wes’s notes were magic to the ear
He fairly flew over the keys to earn his beer
At the next night’s AGM and party time
At cellist Roger’s estate sublime!

The audience showed so much pleasure
That Wes realised he has a treasure
And imagined he was conducting the Philharmonia
And not the dear old Ashford Sinfonia!

So now we’re all back from Cornwall and Devon
And looking forward to next Monday at seven
To new music and Wes’s wit and parlance
And Christmas for our next wonderful performance!

Jenny Gaunt


About rogerpinnock

Chairman of Ashford Sinfonia
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