A Routine Rehearsal

David Worsley

I need to make two changes to set the record straight about my last blog. In no particular order: the title should have been “At the heart of the orchestra”, and not “The heart . . .”. My apologies to all who make up the “engine”. My second correction concerns the new horn player, Malcolm. He read the blog and was, sort of, kind of, OK with it. But though I had referred to him specifically, I had not mentioned him by name. Sorry, Malcolm.

Some definitions: rehearsal – Oxford English Dictionary says “practice for later public performance”. A good definition, yet I prefer the French word “repetition” (should have lots of accents) – which says up front what we must do – repeat, repeat, repeat. Last night we did just that. This time it was the strings and woodwind, with Wes resorting to counting out each bar ‘1, 2, 3, 4. 1,2,3,4. ‘. Just as it worked for us last week, it worked again this. Minims started to reach their full length.

As did rests. Rests are important. Perhaps a better word should be used than “rest” which implies putting the kettle on and making a brew? Too often in music they are hardly long enough to take a breath. The counting helps us to play each note at the allotted time within the bar. Only when every player hits the right time does the noise become music. Pity that the standard we can reach at the end of a rehearsal doesn’t carry over to the next. Hey ho.

But I was not the only one to enjoy the results. My wife, who is Finnish, volunteered “Finlandia started to sound good”. Only started? A way to go then.

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