AGM and Social Evening

This year we were blessed with a beautifully warm evening, and some summer sun, for our Social Meeting and AGM in the Chairman’s garden. Food and drink were contributed by all the members, and we started with sparkling wine on the front lawn.

Our conductor made a late entry – ironic, really – and the AGM started before he arrived. Apologies were noted, atIMG_0010tendance listed, and then there was a resume of the year’s activities by the Chairman. Several issues needing decisions were outlined. Upon the arrival of Wes, we had a short resume of the concerts we had played, largely successful, though the bandstand performance was a sharp learning curve – strings disappear in the open air!

The business of the day was successfully concluded, with a volunteer for secretary, and a decision that we would rather pay a little more than reduce playing time. It was also agreed that we should actively seek to recruit new members – partly to help finances, but more importantly to ensure that we have players for all parts. Concert dates and term dates were set for next year, and are constantly updated elsewhere in this blog.

Finally we wished Helen and Dick a long and happy retirement as they move away, and wished Susan all the best for her move to a new home. Helen was presented with a memento of her time with us in thanks for the work she has done as secretary, and Aly, our hostess, was presented with a bunch of flowers. The evening then moved on to eating drinking and gossiping, and finished as darkness finally descended!


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