Christmas Concert Report


And so finally the evening arrived. Much carting of tympani and percussion, much to-ing and fro-ing of musicians, choir members and audience, and finally everyone was seated and ready to go. There is always a bit of a buzz as Christmas approaches, and the evening of 9th December 2019 at St Mary the Virgin Church, Ashford, was no different. An audience of around 150 had gathered, many of whom were family and friends of the Ashford Community Choir, Ashford Sinfonia or Woodchurch Driving Group of Riding for the Disabled.

The music started with three songs from the choir – Be Our Guest, Why We Sing and A Million Dreams. We then moved on to the ET Flying Theme and the James Bond Theme by the orchestra before moving into three carols sung by the audience and the choir accompanied by the orchestra, and sandwiched between the classic Singing in the Rain and a Christmas Medley written by the orchestra’s conductor Gill Booker.

Following the interval for tea and biscuits, served by the RDA helpers, the choir sang Santa Lucia, Thank you for being a Friend and The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.  By now everyone was well warmed to the task of making music, and those who thought they heard voices during the orchestra’s Sound of Music Selection were not mistaken – the choir couldn’t help but sing along behind the stage! A rousing round of applause (whistles even!) then lead us into the final three carols.

All in all a very successful evening, and all thanks go to the members of Ashford Community Choir and their conductor and musical director Karen Hill, and to all our orchestra members and our very own conductor and director Gill Booker. To crown it all, we later learnt that the event had raised £1,037 for the Woodchurch Driving Group!

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