More delay…

We had hoped to restart meetings on 4th July, but unfortunately the delta variant of Covid is now causing concern and the release from lockdown has been put off until at least 19th July. In consultation with our hosts at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, we were offered either half orchestra rehearsals (maximum of 15 people with full Covid safety precautions) or to wait until 19th. There was also a suggestion from some of our members that we wait until September.

On 28th June we had an outdoor social event, which was a pleasant evening even if lacking in sunshine! At that meeting our conductor and Music Director said she was still happy to do rehearsals on 19th and 26th July, and on 2nd August – and as agreed we would be playing not-too-difficult music we are familiar with so that we can get back into the swing of playing together without feeling pressured.

So, subject to agreement with the church management, and the release of lockdown on the right date, those present agreed that that is what we will do. Fingers crossed!

Keep watching!

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