A Poolside Proms Challenge

I’ve embarked on a challenge – to listen to every BBC Prom concert this year, something made possible by the power of technology and the wonderful service the BBC provide. I won’t be able to listen live. Four children and a variety of commitments make that impossible but being able to catch up via iPlayer is fantastic. It is slightly odd to be sat on holiday looking out from my sunbed at the children’s swimming pool with youngsters having great fun whilst the adults sunbathe, all the while my ears are transported to the Royal Albert Hall and the great variety of music that make up the proms.

The BBC really do a terrific job. The sound quality is absolutely superb – really live and capturing the atmosphere of the RAH. There is genuine dynamic range and a real punch to the audio. I am listening through a pair of headphones that I am fond of, maybe that’s another blog post as they are also not very expensive!

I will try to blog more as I make my way through. Currently I am on Prom 6, and Symphony of Psalms by Stravinksy. It’s just finished, I’m looking forward to the Haydn in part two and my ice cream has just arrived.

Wes Carroll

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