Homework from Teacher…

I’m sure many of you have caught at least some of the proms. As part of my quest to listen to every concert this year (I’m already quite behind) I’ve just listened to prom 6 part 2, which concludes with Mozart’s 40th symphony. If you listen to nothing else listen to the 4th movement. I would also recommend getting the score from imslp.com and following it through.

The orchestra, captured superbly by the BBC, have the perfect balance between an energetic, edge-of-your-seat (or sun bed in my case) whirlwind of a listening experience, whilst maintaining proportion and balance at all times. It’s simultaneously both safe and dangerous at the same time.

If you follow with a score it will really help you to see how different parts, each with their own challenges and difficulties can fit together as a whole. This is an area which presents us an orchestra with the most challenge – playing as individuals within a whole, getting our bits right but with a whole ensemble perspective.

I don’t think anyone could listen to this and not become a better musician, even if by just a little bit….

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